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Thursday 23 March 1916
Major Bruxner returned from Cairo. Col. Fuller & Gen. Ryrie out Shooting & Fishing all day.
Received Letter from Home dated 19-2-16.
Lieu. Huxtable R.T.O. at Serapeum on RailwayTransport Officer's duty to look after the interests of the Military on Government Lines. They are specially appointed to issue warrants, check Goods, etc.

Friday 24 March 1916
Col. Fuller out inspecting Outposts on Canal. The Troops are having a good time swimming most of the day.
Lieu. Walker went to Cairo on Holidays, also Lieu. Marks.
There seems to be very little difficulty in the way of Leave. If a man plays the game he can often slip away for a day or two but the Authorities keep a firm hand on the cantankerous ones.

Saturday 25 March 1916
General clean up which means all tents are to be lowered & the sun allowed to shine upon the ground occupied by the men. Disinfectant is sprinkled over the ground & kits & Blankets are put out to air. C Squadron under Major White returned from Outpost on the Canal & certain infantry men took up the positions. They brought over some fine fish that were caught by the gippos in nets.
General Birdwood came & said Good Bye to Officers of Brigade.
Col. Fuller at Brigade H.Q. tonight.
Dick Phillips returned to duty from Hospital.
General Birdwood leaves in a day or so for France with the Infantry Division. He is the most popular Leader the Aus. have had, & His quiet unassuming way, with a plasant smile, cannot but make the men feel confident that they have a Friend as well as a true Soldier in Him.

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