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Thursday 10 February 1916
Went into Cairo by 6 a.m. train returning 7-30 a.m.
Col. Fuller, Major White, & Lieu. Chisholm went at 7 a.m. by motor to Ghezira to see Horses run.
Brigade sports to-day. 6th A.L.H. won a number of prizes.
The Horses in the Trial run did not come up to expectations, & it is feared they will be of little use on Saturday next. However it appears to be all in the fun, which is the main thing.

Friday 11 February 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Bruxner went to Horse Sale at Abbassia. The Horses averaged £13 each.
I went in to see Hegarty & Horses, also to give Him tickets for Races on Saturday.
The 'Culls' that are sold from the different regiments, go to swell the number of animals used in the large Cities. Natives like to get hold of the Aus. Horses for Garry work. These Poor Beasts will have no light work for the future, as Drivers believe in plenty of whip & little feed.

Saturday 12 February 1916
Racing today at Ghezira Sporting Club.
Billy ran well.
I went to Pyrimids, & had a look through the Tombs under the great structure, then went to Kursaal at night.
The visitor has to climb up a height of about 100 ft. to gain an entrance to the wonders of Pyramids, then take off Boots & put on sandals. The grade is rather steep & the stone very smooth, & if one is not careful you will slide down many yds. before stopping. Walking is an impossibility; the only way to get along is to crouch or crawl. After going down for some distance, the Hole or passage way takes a turn up, & you put your feet into notches cut out of the floor, & crawl along with your Guide leading with a candle. On the sides are to be seen images & Egyptian writings, & occasionally notches cut in enabling the visitor to climb like a fly to some other Tomb above. However most of us were satisfied to just enter the King & Queen Death Chamber & allow the Guide to ignite a Flare so the full dimensions could be taken in. The experience is novel, but women would have to wear men's clothes to enter.

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