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Sunday 21 May 1916
Voluntary Church parade at 7.45 a.m. Col. Fuller inspecting Camp.
6th & 7th Reg. went for Swim in Ocean.
Enemy's Air-o-plane dropped Bombs on Pt. Said this morning early.
An alarm came to camp at 3-30 a.m. that a Taube was overhead. Men stood to their Horses.
Went for swim with Ted this afternoon it was lovely. The beach is wide & long, & for a Bathing spot it is perfection.
Word received that 6th & 7th Regiments have to go on a long trip tomorrow for 3 days.
3 letters from Home.

Monday 22 May 1916
Left for Bir el Ab at 8 a.m. today with 6th & 7th Reg. & Brigade H.Q. Arrived Katia 10 a.m. & camped there till 8 p.m., when we left again for Ogritina. Stayed for 2 Hours resting & again continued our journey at midnight. The suppies followed us on Camel, & the 2nd L.H. F. Amb. with Sand Carts accompanied the Column. The Col. & Major Bruxner dug up a supposed Turkish grave & found instead of Bones Cases of Turkish Ammunition. All Humpies & Guynas were knocked down & Burnt. The Horses were watered & fed before leaving on the night march.
The N.Z. supported us on our right.

Tuesday 23 May 1916
Major White returned from Cairo.
General Chavel & party in Camp.
We arrived at Bir-el-Ab at daybreak 3-35 a.m. the 7th Leading. A number of Turks & Camels were watering at the well, & on the approach of the 7th Reg. made off, ony one Turk & Camel were captured. The general opinion is that some one made a hash of the Show, & that not only all the Enemy & Animals ought to have been taken, but the Brigade should have launched out & had a 'go' at a number of Turks who had congregated about 3 miles to the North: nothing was done however, & the Troops returned to Romani about 5 p.m. after practicalally doing no good. Unless fresh Blood is infused instead this Brigade I think we will hardly earn our Salt from a fighting point of view. The men are willing, but can do nothing without orders.

Wednesday 24 May 1916
General Chavel & party proceeded to the Coast to inspect Canal that has been dug there. They took a number of men with Shovels to further open up the drain.
The majority of men & Horses are resting to-day.
Capt. Stracker gave us some fresh Goat.
Rumour is that a large number of Aus. in France have been cut up including 130 Officers.
The New Zealanders sent out a partrol a few Days since, & they narrowly escaped being captured by a party of Turks who suddenly appeared, & captured some equipment & killed a Horse. This happened outside Orgritina.

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