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Sunday 30 January 1916
Church parade.
Col. Fuller & Party in Cairo tonight.
Wrote Home.
Cairo the principal City of Egypt is called by all modern Egyptians Misr & was until recently surrounded by a Wall, with Gates (great Wooden structures interlaced with Iron rods) which were shut each night. The whole City is commanded by a large Citadel from which many miles of Country can be watched. It is at the Citadel that the Egyptian Army Stores & Caracal together with many native Soldiers reside. During the war the Military have taken possession.

Monday 31 January 1916
Mounted parade, went to Cairo for Officers mess requirements. Liquor very scarce (English brands).
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
"Ya-munuk" means To your right - & She-maluk – To your left, & all the way through the streets the drivers of vehicles cry out as a warning as to the direction they propose taking.

Tuesday 1 February 1916
General muster Parade.
'Roddan' sent to Is. Hosp. & 7 days detention for absenting Himself from Camp.
Col. Fuller Guest of 12th L.H. Regiment dinner tonight.
Major Cameron C.O.

Wednesday 2 February 1916
Regimental Parade.
Trying "Billy" with other Horses this evening.
Court Martial at Metheulan 2nd Remount today.
A 'Carro' is a long 2 wheeled Cart drawn usually by a small Donkey, & has rather low wheels. It is wonderfull the Quantity of Stuff one can see carried about with these arrangements.

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