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Sunday 23 April 1916
6th & 7th A.L.H. Reg. left for Kantara at noon under Brig. Ryrie by road. All Equipment & Waggons came by train.
I left Cairo by 7-40 a.m. train for Abou-Kebir, returned to Zazazar with Col. Onslow & Major Anderson. Went for row on Canal then to Gardens & Zoo. Egyptian Band playing. Driving around the town seeing sights, left by 7-45 p.m. train for Kantara. The Mounted Troops arrived at 5 p.m. & left again at 9-30 p.m. for the Firing Line traveling most of the night.
I arrived at Kantara at 9-30 p.m. & helped to unload train, sorted out Officers Kits & camped by them tonight.

Monday 24 April 1916
Sorting Officers Equipment at Kantara making ready to leave at first opportunity.
All waggons & Gear have arrived from Salhia by train.
Transports with Horses to camp outside by Canal under Sgt. Johnson.
I left with Col. Fuller's gear for Rail head at 2-30 after buying a quantity of provisions at canteen. 22 miles from Kantara the train pulled up at 4-30 p.m. unloaded Kits, & met the 2nd A.L.H. Brigade who had just arrived. We camped at R.H. tonight, & we packed up just to leave early tomorrow, Tuesday, for Romani.

Tuesday 25 April 1916, Anzac Day
2nd L.H. Brigade under Brig. Ryrie left Rail Head for Romani – we passed different groups of Date palm groves which thrive wonderfully in the hollows of this vast desert. We came across deserted Camps of the Warwick, Glous. & Wostershire Regiment who have been cut up & taken prisoner within the last day or two. We also came across the Body of a Sgt. laying in the desert. 6 Bedwins were captured today.
We camped at one of the disused spots where we found Water in plenty – a bit Brakish but drinkable & also pumping & Toughing – ready for use.
Major White arrived from Cairo.

Wednesday 26 April 1916
Another Camp deserted found by Capt. Ferguson fully equipped & we secured a large Quantity of drink soft & otherwise also much loot of different sorts.
7th Regiment protroling & found 22 dead & wounded Tommys. They brought in 5 Wounded, one died on the Road, & one Officer died just as they got to Him. We also secured 3 Wounded Bedwins. The Regiments that have been cut up are the Warwick, Wostershire & Gloustershire & a number have been taken prisoners including some Lords. They were taken by surprise during a fog. The scene of the fight was at Qualia & Katla & also at D.

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