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Thursday 13 January 1916
Regiment on Parade under Col. Fuller. Major Sommerville visiting Camp. He is connected now with Infantry Divisional H.Q. & will go to France with them.
A Trorpy of the 7th whilst returning from Cairo fell off train & was killed. It was a sorry day for the Regiment when Cap. – now Major Sommerville left to take up a position on the Permanent Staff. He is a man with a trained mind combined with Tact and commonsense. He could be friendly & a true comrade, & at the same time firmly check insubordination & laxity of discipline in a thorough manner.

Friday 14 January 1916
Mounted parade – Col. Cox commanding the 1st L.H. Brigade. They leave today for Western front. Col. Fuller in Cairo tonight. I don't know that the Higher position now held by our old Colonel will prove satisfactory as far as Peace of mind & smooth sailing is concerned. It is commonly reported that some of his Officers are not too well pleased with his promotion & there is likely to be friction & stormy times ahead.

Saturday 15 January 1916

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Mounted parade, Col. Cox Brigadier of the 1st L.H. Brigade. They leave today for Western Front. Col. Fuller in Cairo tonight.

Cleaning up Camp. Went into Cairo for Primus Stove & outfit for Officers Mess.
Preparations to leave soon for Canal.
Day by day we become more keenly conscious of the fact that a big move is too take place as far as we are concerned. When we see our Quarter Master with a large Fatigue party surrounded by heaps of new equipment strewn upon the ground, sorting & counting & distributing the various articles rapidly to the different units we see before us a move of no mean importance.
Also persistant rumours are flying about 'Latrines' as we commonly call them, coming from no particular source, but neverless fitting in wonderfully with what is actually known – we draw conclusions which may mean a different & a more exieting Life than we have here at Maadi.

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