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Medical & Ammunition in different Hods. The Turks are given a bit of Bread Baked hard, & a few Dates as a daily ration. Many of the prisoners were ravinous for water.

Sunday 6 August 1916
After packing up Col. Fuller's private things I left with Him in a Sand Cart for Rail Head where He laid all day awaiting a Train. The rush of Patients during day kept both Drs. & Orderleys very busy. They have had no rest for 3 days & nights.
Major Bruxner is left in charge of Regiment.
News came through that Enemy had retired to Oghratina leaving Katia clear.
Infantry went out during Saturday night to overtake Enemy, but failed, many [indecipherable] up. The 2nd F. Ambulance is also overcrowded.

Monday 7 August 1916
My Birthday
This morning at 12-30 (midnight) we commenced entraining the wounded & at 2-30 a.m. left for Kantara. The journey was awfully rough & our poor men suffered agony. Train arrived at Canal at 5-30 a.m., where ambulances met & conveyed party to Clearing Hospital. Casualty Station 26. This place is in a most unsatisfactory state, both the staff & equipment being very poor. Fancy keeping men with dangerous wounds lying about for days without treatment. There is no hope of us getting away from here before to-morrow. There is no place like our own Hospital manned by Aus. Girls & Drs.
This place is run by Tommies.
Sent Cables to Aus. &amp. Mrs. Chisholm.

Tuesday 8 August 1916
Lieu. Britton returned to Camp, getting the Col. ready to leave by Ambulance Train for Cairo. He expects to arrive up there midnight.
I returned to Camp by 4-30 p.m. Train with Ser. Wilson, who was in charge of Officers Requisites.
Regiment left El Maler for Bir el Abd where fighting was being carried out. They expected a scrap with Enemy at 6-30 a.m. to-morrow.
Brig. Royston accompanied Brigade.
Drs. refused to operate on Col. Fuller owing to Bullet getting behind knee among arteries. X Rays was necessary to locate Bullet.

Wednesday 9 August 1916
Went to Rail Head with limbers for Beer & Whisky.
Cleaning up Camp Tent & surroundings all day. Lieu. Close in Charge of Camp.
The Brigade attacked Bir el-Abd at 6-30 a.m. & the fighting continued throughout the Day.
A Train of Camels left Camp for scene of Operations with Food & Forage. This appears to be the final dash as far as we are concerned for some time to come. The Turks are retreating rapidly whilst putting up a splendid Rear Guard action.

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