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Sunday 13 February 1916
Church parade.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Hegarty returned from Cairo with 'Billy'.
The races at Ghezira are financially a great success. Large crowds gather of a Saturday Afternoon including the High Officials in Military & Civilian Life. The Race Course is situated on the Ghezira Island which & can be approached by Garry or Motor. Nearest Tram Line is on the Road to Giza & Pyramids.

Monday 14 February 1916
Reg. Drill. Went into Cairo to get 195 PI [Piastre] for Col. Fuller in connection with the Race on previous Saturday.
Posted Letters Home.
The Ghezira Sporting Club adjoins Course, & there among Tennis Courts etc. the Secretary resides with His Staff & Offices.
In close proximity is the Aquarium & a number of Beautifully laid out private residences.
The Slopes of the Nile Bank about these parts is turned into flower gardens which are a picture.

Tuesday 15 February 1916
Regiment pratising drill for Competition.
Received letters from Home.
Keen competition exists between the different Regiments as to who will be the successful Troops in the coming Tournament. The 6th Reg. have a number of 1st Class Horsemen & to beat our men will require some doing. The Officers are giving prizes which are both valuable & useful.

Wednesday 16 February 1916
Col. Fuller & Col. Onslow out inspecting Camp for "Details", returned in Afternoon.
Col. & Major White went to Cairo by motor Train & I went in also.
Whether the remnants of the Regiments will remain here or not has not yet been decided upon. It is likely that a big Camp will be made either at Tel el Kibur or Moaski near Ismaila.

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