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Sunday 9 January 1916
Col. Fuller in Cairo to meet Col. Cox – took spurs in.
Church Parade.
Very little information can be gained as to what the 1st L.H. Brigade purposes doing, but as the Jeunisses are troublesome on the Western Front we gather that the L.H. is to partrol & Quell any disturbance. A connecting link has been formed by our men between Luxow & Cairo along the Nile Bank which practically absorbs the entire 1st Brigade.

Monday 10 January 1916
Regimental parade, went into Cairo for Officers Equipment, Enamelware etc. Posted letter Home.
It does not appear likely that the 2nd Brigade will follow the footsteps of the 1st & Rumour is Rife that we will process shortly to the Canal. It appears that the Yeomanry Regiments have gone or are going very soon to do the same class of work. We hear a line is being laid from the Canal Defences to a point far up the Coast.

Tuesday 11 January 1916
Rifle Practice at Range today. Went into Cairo for Officers Requirements.
The men are settling down to steady work after the exciting experiences of the Evacuation of Gallipolli.
Col. Fuller is getting both Officers & Men into shipshape & the outfitting generally is proceeding satisfactory.
It will mean that when we move from here the men & Horses will be almost fully equipped with new accoutrements.

Wednesday 12 January 1916
Rifle Practice at Range to-day, also Squadron drill.
The shooting at the Range is most eratic, & reveals the fact that generally the men are far behind being crack shots. A few are Brillant, whilst the majority only moderate. The shooting at Anzac did not tend to make 1st Class shots of the men owing doubtless to the fact that many of the targets were myths, & noise was necessary as much as anything to keep in Check Jacko.

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