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Thursday 18 May 1916
1st L.H. Regiment camping near us.
7th Regiment on partrol to Kalia & Ogratina today. G.O.C. sends congratulations to the Regiment in carrying out the mounted work satisfactory, specially during this fierce Heat. Telegram through to the effect that Officers Mess Stuff has been looted during transit from Salhia.
Harris – the Col's Groom up for Insolence, got 7 days 2 Field punishment.
Weather much cooler to-day. Col. Fuller in Camp all day.
During our stay at Kalia we found much correspondence & pictures of a most filthy description. Letters written by women in England write to Officers of the Warwickshrie Yeomanry Regiments in a way that is positively repulsive & we conclue that there must be much sexual mania in the Yeomanry ranks.

Friday 19 May 1916
Brigade cleaning up Horse Lines & Camp.
Col. Onslow returned with one Squadron from Kalia reported 'all clear'.
Lieu. Walker who went to Kantara yesterday to secure Mess Stuff wired to say that He would return tomorrow.
12th Regiment on our extreme right dismounted. Drs. of Brigade met to discuss "advisability" of Troops wearing Helmets instead of Hats.
Stadium being erected to hold 13 large Water tanks thus freeing the "Fantasies".

Saturday 20 May 1916
Major Foster of Div. H.Q. left this morning at 6 a.m. for Base at Hill 70, about 11 miles outside Kantara.
Lieu. Walker arrived at 8 a.m. with Officers Mess Stuff – 1½ Cases have been looted.
Col. Leggitt of the Infantry came to inspect Outposts & was conducted round by the Brig. & Col. Fuller.
Orders issued that no man is to be out of Camp tomorrow.
Lieu. Chisholm bought a Goat from a Bint today 50 piastre.
A number of Bedwin were brought into Camp this evening also a flock of goats.
One man had 9 Soverigns in a Bag hanging down His groin. Doubtless He got them from one of the poor fellows who was killed here in action. All Bedouins are now collected and sent on to Kantara as it has been proved that they are the intelligence department of the Turks.
A number of the 1st Regiment came to see the Col. tonight.

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