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Thursday 26 October 1916
Left Pt. Said 8 a.m. Train. Met Limber Waggon at Station & conveyed Goods to Canteen.
Col. Fuller & General Ryrie passed through Kantara to Mouaski in connection with Detail Matters. He returned to Camp about 4 p.m.
Ewarts left Aus. to-day.
Party of men arriving from Alexandra under Capt. Close, including Harris, Col. Fuller's Groom.
In taking men from here to Alex. & back the Military provide a special Train which branches off from Benha Junction & this saves journeying on to Cairo.

Friday 27 October 1916
Col. Fuller & General Ryrie rode over to 5th L.H. Regiment, Doirda to-day.
I went to Kantara to get something for the Col. Sent Telegram to Mrs. Weils Allen, Shepard Hotel for Capt. Chisholm.
A number of our men have contracted V.D. during this visit to Alex; also a large percentage of men from the 1st L.H. Brigade. This will probability stay stop further leave, as the Military are very strict on these matters.

Saturday 28 October 1916
Leave granted to Port Said for 100 men per Regiment for week commencing 1st November.
Col. Fuller, Capt. Stracker around Camp inspecting.
Football Match this afternoon, the General attending.
Capt. Chisholm, Close, Tooth, Thompson left to-day for Cairo where they commence work at Cavalary School of Instruction on Monday next.
Lieu. Walker & party of men arrived from Alexandra to-night.
It looks as though the Al Arish trip is abandoned as further leave is granted to the men. We all expected that within a few Days the Brigade would be on the move. The cause of the rearranging of our Plans so suddenly is due doubtless to the Italian advance & the joining up of Forces on the Russian side. Whether we will be kept here just patroling the Canal or Guarding the line now being laid from Bir el Ab to Al Arish is not known, but we are prepared to move anywhere at an hour's notice.

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