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Thursday 24 February 1916
Packing up & getting Equipment to Cairo Station.
After getting every thing to Station I went to Kursaal returning to Station to assist in loading up Waggons with H.Q. Stuff.
Had midnight Tea & refreshments at Red Cross Stall, which is run by a number of Ladies for the benefit of departing & arriving Troops.

Friday 25 February 1916
Left Cairo at 2-20 a.m. by special Train for Serapeum arrived at destination 7-30 a.m. Immediately unloaded Horses & Equipment. Marking out sight for Tents & Horse lines. B Squadron arrived at 9 a.m. C Squadron arrived at 12-30 p.m. Col. Fuller stayed in Cairo to look after the remaining men.

Saturday 26 February 1916
Col. Fuller in Cairo at Race Meeting also looking after the remaining Units. I spent day arranging Tent & making H.Q. comfortable.
My 1st impression of our New Camp is not very favourable. When one leaves good Roads, Beautiful Scenery, & kind friends & is planted suddenly in the desert away from the ordinary conveniences of Life the past days appear like leaving the Garden of Eden for the Wilderness. Our water supply is small, our rations the same whilst everyone is hungry & tired with a lot of work staring them in the face. One hardly knows which way to begin, but before night the strangeness has worn off a bit & the Colonel's tent begins to be looking comfortable. Thank Goodness He is away until things straighten out.

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