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Sunday 30 April 1916
Posted letter Home. 4 Turks supposed to be seen by our protrol early this morning. Officers further investigating. Major Foster inspecting our Camp & Outposts. Message as usual received from Air O Plane re position of Enemy.
General Chavel & Gen. Cheater [possibly with Brig. R. inspecting Camp & surrounding Country. Romani & Qualia & Kalia were visited after which the Staff met the 5th A.L.H. protrol who conducted them to Dunidar.
The message is encased in a specially prepared cloth pocket, which is weighted. Streamers of colored cloth Balances the Bag which rapidly drops from the plane.

Monday 1 May 1916
Left Camp for Cairo with Officers. Kits & other equipment laying at Rail Head to place same at Cooks. Arrived Cairo 12 midnight stayed at Anzac Hostel.
Col. Fuller with Brig. Ryrie out all day with General Cheavel & Gen. Cheater of N. Zealanders around Karta.
Aus. Mail in, got letter from Home. The Brigade sends Orderleys from the different Regiments to R.H. & they sort the letters before sending them to the different units.

Tuesday 2 May 1916
Spent all Day in Cairo storing Officers Kits, & buying eatables, etc.
Saw Mrs. Chisholm at Shepards. Met Lieu. Black at National Hotel, left by train for Cantara at 6-15 p.m. arriving 9-45 p.m., got Cases of Stuff to Siding over the Canal . Train left for Rail Head 12-20 a.m. midnight.
At Railhead every preparation is being made against an attack. Trenches & entanglements are very much in evidence. A Division of Infantry occupy the firing line with New Zealanders as supports. The R.E. are in charge of the building of Line.

Wednesday 3 May 1916
Arrived at Rail Head 4-30 a.m. from Kantara, secured Camels & left for Romani 7-20 a.m., arriving 10 a.m.
Reports that one of our Air O planes had to descend, & all men are to carefully watch for any signs of the Pilot.
Major Darrel arrived to-day to find equipment that was left behind when His Regiment evacuated this Camp.
Lieu. Chisholm laid up with malaria in Camp.
Reports that Turks concentrating at different points in the Canal Zone.

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