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Thursday 23 November 1916
Brigade consisting of 6th & 7th Regiments, Ambulance & H.Q. Signallers & Machine Gun Squadron left Hill 70 for Romani where they camped for night.
I Banked 6400 Pt. for Col. Fuller, also paid Mr. Nafrics for Cigarettes, etc.
Ada Reeve at Opera House.

Friday 24 November 1916
Brigade left this morning for Kirbir on Railway Line where they camped for night.
The 5th Regiment are still at Duedar till the 28th when they will be relieved by Yeomanry,.
I went to Cooks for Col. Fuller's winter clothes etc., packed away His light clothes & Racing Saddle etc.
Ada Reeve at concert in Gardens tonight.

Saturday 25 November 1916
Brigade left Kirbur Railway Siding this morning & travelled through to Bayud arriving there at 2-30 p.m.
I left Cairo by 7 a.m. Train arriving Hill 70 midday, found Brigade left on previous Thursday for Bayud where they relieve the Yeomanry.
Stayed Hill 70 with A.I.F. Canteen people till Sunday.
C Squadron are posted at Mageibra some 11 miles north west of Bayud.
A daily partrol connects us with C Squadron beside a Telephone Line.
Major Ferguson when on His own keeps both Men & Officers well alert, in fact some say He has the Woollies.

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