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Thursday 2 March 1916
Heavy Winds commenced today, terrible weather.
Regiment on Parade.
By Toast if this is the sort of Life we are to lead here one would rather be turned into Rock at once. My eyes, mouth, Hair, Clothes & every thing inside & out is full of Grit. The food is like eating so much Sand paper, & the days ends with winds abating & men cursing.

Friday 3 March 1916
Heavy Winds blowing. Received letters from Home dated 26-1-16.
Regiment drilling. Yes another day has dawned & with it more wind. The Regiment does Mounted Parade, but I think they get behind some cover & rest, as it is impossible to drill.
The Canal is about 1½ miles away, & arrangements are being made to let the men go over swimming.

Saturday 4 March 1916
Regiment cleaning up Camp & Swimming.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day. Oh the Luxury of water to wash away the muck of the past week. Both Officers & Men avail themselves of the priviledge of the Salt Water & spend as much time as possible on the Canal Banks. The Colonel can get a good supply of water now for Himself which is most valuable.
Our Mess consists of H.Q. Officers & with the assistance of Ted Reed together with the Serg Cook we managed to get a fair supply of food for them. One of us go into Ismaila alternate days for Green Stuff & Tomatos, & also take the Washing to be done there. It costs each Officer about 100 P.T. a week not including Liquor.
Our Rations consist now of Fresh Bread, Meat & Vegetables.

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