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Thursday 27 July 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade.
Reinforcement men & Horses being allotted to Squadrons.
Report that one of our planes was captured by turks this morning.
General Chavel & Brig. Royston paid a visit to Col. Fuller this afternoon.
2nd L.H. Brigade preparing to leave at midnight on another scouting Stunt with New Zealanders assisting.
Posted letters Home.

Friday 28 July 1916
Brigade left at 2 a.m. for Katia where outposts came in touch with Enemy. At times it looked as though we would have to fall back, but the Day passed as usual. 3 New Z. were killed & 3 of our men namely Collins, Mulholland, Smith were wounded.
8 Prisoners were taken.
The Aryshire Artillary poured about 200 Shells into the Enemy's position with good results.
A premature Shell burst close to Col. Fuller, but did no damage. We returned to Camp about 9 p.m. Lieu. Pearce & Tooth were left out as listening posts.

Saturday 29 July 1916
Australian Mail arrived.
Word just through that Lieu. Pearce's Horse was found early this morning by 1st L.H. Brigade who went out on Scouting Expedition.
Later. Body of Lieu. Pearce was found & a sledge was sent to convey the remains into Camp. (Shot through Heart.) The 3 men who accompanied Him on the Officers night Patrol are still missing their names being Dunbar, Thorne, Waygood.
Poor old Norman Pearce was an unassuming Officer with very little Personality, but His Heart was stout & true. He accepted His Duties willingly & in the hour of Danger never flinching to do His part. Being one of the Senior Officers of this Regiment, work was given into His charge which needed nerve & endurance, & He rose to the occasion each time, & did it well.
Later. Telegram received from Hill 70 that the 3 men who were with Lieu. Pearce when attacked arrived safely & are resting. 1st L.H. Brigade Ambulance brought in the body which was Buried by the side of a N.Z. at 2-30 p.m. to-day.
General Chavel examining Corp. Thorne who was with Lieu. Pearce when attacked. He was shot through the back, the Bullet passing into Heart & out of left Breast.

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