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Thursday 6 July 1916
It has now been ascertained that the Camels & attendants captured by the 5th Regiment really belonged to the "Military" & had no connection with the Enemy whatever. They were Our Camels being sent to the Katia district, owing to the water supply giving out further South. The plane bombed the train killing 7 & the the Heroic 5th dashed in & captured the remainder. For this achievement they Dreamt of V.C.'s & D.S.O. but alas it ended in Smoke.
Taube circled around different Camps here about 7-30 a.m. Was fired on by our machine gun. Our Planes arrived from Kantara too late.
Col. Fuller at Brigade H.Q. receiving Orders for Saturday's Stunt.

Friday 7 July 1916
Tim Smith leaves tomorrow for Camel Corp.
Lieu. Pearce is in charge of the Scouting party specially picked for advance work.
A Squadron will lead the main Body from Orghratina.
Wrote & posted letter Home.
Air O plane reported this morning that about 150 Camels & Turks were seen outside Hod Salmana & about 15 tents.One Machine Gun fired on the Plane.
The Scouting party is to have a spare Horse & will thoroughly scour the Country around Hod Salmana.

Saturday 8 July 1916
The 6th & 7th Regiments left this morning at 3 a.m. for Oghratina via Katia. Horses were watered at the Well, & we arrived in Camp at 7-30 a.m., rested all day. After having Evening meal, we left again for Bir El-Ab & Hod Salmana at 8 p.m. traveling right through the night arriving at Dawn on the outskirts of last named place (Sunday).
A Squadron was in the Advance & immediately following were H.Q., B & C Squadron. Col. Fuller was in charge of the advance party, with Capt. Cross as Squadron Leader.
Lieu. Pierce was Scout Officer & had 24 picked men. Both Turks & Camels were seen & fired on. The result of the Operations are as follows. 1 Turk Soldier was wounded, another wounded but escaped & 2 Prisoners taken with a number of Goats.
General Chavel came with 1st L.H. Brigade as far as Oghratina for the purpose of reinforcing if needed. The 6th Regiment followed out instructions as to time & place without a hitch, but the 7th Reg. somehow got out of their Bearings with the result that a member of the Enemy with their Camels escaped. It can safely be said that our Enemy are as slippery as eels.

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