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Sunday 29 October 1916
Combined Church Service this morning of all Ranks in 6th & 7th Reg.
Captain Teece of the 6th went to Durdar to conduct Service in the 5th Regiment.
Major Bolingbroke of the 5th returned from Cairo & called on Col. Fuller.
Two troops of our Reg. left under Lieu. Menzies for El-Arish some 10 miles distant for one week's patrol work.
Major Oatley has charge of the Rest Camp at Pt. Said.

Monday 30 October 1916
Col. Fuller with Brig. Ryrie left this morning for Dueidar where sports are being held to-day.
Our Padre has received word that He may return to Aus. as soon as He wishes.
The sports were a success & the concert at night proved to be a most creditable one. The Col. arrived back about 11 p.m.
Capt. Beith & Major Anderson arrived with party of men from Alexandra to-night.
Major Bruxner returned from Cairo.

Tuesday 31 October 1916
Orderley Room at 10 a.m., Ted Reed up for being without a pass in Alex.
More Artillary moving out to the Front Line to-day.
Major Bruxner left to take up His New job at Mouski to-day. His Groom Farley is in the field Hospital with bad leg.
Cases are cropping up in Camp of Men who enlisted under an assumed name in Aus.

Wednesday 1 November 1916
Orderley Room L. Cpl. Andrews complained of two of our men assaulting Him in Alex.
A Party of Men left for Rest Camp, Pt. Said this morning.
General Cox visiting the Col.
Football Match this afternoon.
Word through that at the Referendum in Aus. Conscription was thrown out by very large majority. This national catastrophe is yet another sign that Germany is a power second to none in the World to-day & Her deep rooted fangs have still a serious grasp upon many so called friends of the Allies. For our own people as a body to turn their Backs on us, is a problem to solve.

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