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Thursday 1 June 1916
At Romani this morning between 5 & 6 a.m. a Taube dropped Bombs in our old camp killing 9 men wounding 17 others & 24 horses. These men belonged to the 3rd L.H. Regiment.
Col. Fuller at Kantara securing Beer, etc. for Wet Canteen.
Majs. O'Brien, Ryrie, Pearce returned to Duty from Con. Home Alexandria.
All Infantry are being sent to England to train.
Col. Fuller returned with Dry Goods & contents to commence a Wet Canteen in connection with Reg.
An Officer belonging to the Signallers was killed at Romani by the name of Ker.

Friday 2 June 1916
Opened Wet & Dry Canteen took £80 first day.
General Chavel on inspecting tour of Camps.
The Officer named 'Ker' who was killed yesterday only left Hill 70 at 5 a.m. for Romani, & was speaking to Capt. Stracker of our Brigade. He rode direct to the scene of the bombing & just arrived when a fragment of shell knocked Him out.
General Chavel was also camping the night at Romani & witnessed the whole thing.

Saturday 3 June 1916
General Chavel again inspecting Camp. General Ryrie visiting Col. Fuller tonight.
Received 3 letters from Home one from Mother, dated 23rd, 28th April.
Weather very Hot with strong Winds.
Regimental Mess for Officers to be started again.
Col. Fulton of the 3rd Regiment had a narrow escape at Romani on Thursday last when the Enemy Bombed the Camp. The Horse he was untying was Blown to pieces, leaving the rope in His hand & a man quite close had His Head severed. The Enemy dropped 6 Eggs in all, 4 falling wide of the mark & the other two had only a Local effect. The Taubes 2 in number were estimated to be 4,000 ft. in the air & circled around for about 15 minutes before dropping the bombs. There was a general stampede of Horses, & to date about 140 animals still missing. Where the bomb actually fell Horse Flesh & Human Flesh were massed together, a number of men be killed whilst saddling their Horses.
I should think that men at without waiting for Orders ought to spring on the Horse without Saddle & Gallop away, at the same time scattering in all directions.

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