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Thursday 9 March 1916
Regimental Parade & Swimming.
I went to Ismaila for Mess requirements & Washing.
Assisted in arresting a nigger Stealing Military Boots, returned to Camp 3-30 p.m. Arresting niggers is alright as far as it goes, but when one has a load carrying - & at the command of an Officer dump it in the centre of the Rd. for any one to grab while you trot the nigger away – is at least unsatisfactory.

Friday 10 March 1916
No parade to day owing to severe sand Storm.
Regiment doing Divisional Work today, Guards & patrols. This work is similar to work we are likely to be engaged in presently if the enemy attack. Leave Camp before Dark & Patrol a certain piece of Country. This night a greater part of the men got lost & had to lay out till morning. The Men have a lot to learn before they are fit to meet a trained body of Troops.

Saturday 11 March 1916
Cleaning up all day. The Brig. came & spent some time with the Col.
Swimming Parties off to Canal.
Received Letter & Parcel from Home.
It is a common thing for our Brig. to stroll in & play Cards with our Col. for Hours together. There is an attachment between the two which is good to see. The Brig. has plenty of Dry Humour & causes roars of Laughter. As a Military Man He Has little chance of making a name for Himself simply because He is out of place. He would if He could, but it is not in Him. He reminds me very much of a well to do Squatter, or a country Publican, jovial, & good natured. He is no speaker therefore will never become a Leader in Civilian Life. He has generally a lot to say when He comminces, but never gets away from noise & wind. He is not at all popular with the Heads, because of His rough & Blunt Methods.

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