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Thursday 29 June 1916
The result of the Air Battle of yesterday was our machine had to descend at Marmadira on the Coast owing to Petrol tank being damaged, & the German Plane though Hit & one occupant wounded returned to their Base. German machine won on points.
The Brigade preparing to leave early tomorrow for Bir-el Ab.
Went to Romani Rail Head for Supplies.
All Details from Romani came to Camp for Duty yesterday.

Friday 30 June 1916
The Brigade left for Katia at 2-30 a.m. this morning. Stayed there resting till 8 p.m. same night when the Regiment led the way for Ogritana arriving there 10 p.m. Camped for 1½ hours leaving again at 11-30 p.m. for Bir el Ab.
The advance party was C Squadron & New Zealanders who spent the Day at Ogrintina. Entered Bir el Ab at dawn. Reported all clear. The Before leaving tonight for Bir el Ab the Brig. spoke to the Officers re the work on Hand, after which the Column wended its way through the silent watches of the Night to an elevation some 5 miles distant where we rested & fed our Horses prior to resuming our way.

Saturday 1 July 1916
The Brigade arrived at Bir el Ab at Dawn headed by C Squadron of the 6th Reg. & some New Zealanders.
Having surrounded the Well the advance party dismounted & with fixed Bayonets closed in, but apart from a few new tracks of Camels found All Clear. A Smoke Fire at Dawn was the signal that no Enemy was in sight, & immediately the Brigade withdrew to Ogrintina where Food & Water was given both Horses & men. A Field Dressing Station had been erected a short distance from Bir el-Ab in Case of need, also Ambulance Camels & Sand Carts followed close behind the Troops.
Whatever failings & Faults can be placed at the Door of the Military Authorities no one can say anything against the wonderful Transport of supplies, & medical Comforts that are placed for our benefit. Nothing is left to chance, & should we ever get into grips with the Enemy every convenience for our Welfare is forthcoming.
It is a noteworthy fact that the water supply in the different Wells en route is fast diminishing, & there will be great difficulty in the near future in providing Horses with the necessary drink.
Brigade arrived at El Maler at 6-30 p.m.

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