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Thursday 10 August 1916
Capt. Stracker returned from Firing Line sick.
Secured pass to Cairo also Gun & Bayonet for Col. Fuller.
Left by 1-15 p.m. Train for Kantara, brought Col. Saddle to be repaired. Regiment still out in touch with Enemy.
I left Kantara by 7-30 p.m. Train, arrived Cairo 12 midnight. Stayed New Khedival Hotel.

Friday 11 August 1916
Went out to see Col. Fuller this morning. He is getting on well. Bullet extracted.
He arranged for my stay at Ras el Tin Barracks with Lieu. Jordan. These Barracks are used for all sorts of Troops while the large open spaces make an ideal Store for Ordance purposes. The Anzac Mounted Police occupy the old married Quarters.

Saturday 12 August 1916
Went with Capt. O'Hara to secure Pyjamas for Col. Went to Cooks for Artices. Col. getting on well.
Col. Onslow in same ward with Major Windeyer & Major Darcy.
One of the most startling revelations connected with this War is the Cheap way Decorations are issued to Soldiers in General. The Standard is very low, & whilst those who have the Honor to wear Distinctions for Service rendered have doubtless done their Duty, it can be safely said that in the minds of thinking men, Clasps & Medals do not stand for what is known as High conception of Bravery or devotion to duty. It appears that a certain number of Decorations are allowed during the Year & the mantle may fall on some lucky person quite apart from fact that nothing exceptional was done by Him.

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