Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 39

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Thursday 6 January 1916
Regimental parade. Col. Fuller in Camp all day.
I went into Cairo to see Cooks re Luggage Kit Bag, that is at Alex for Officers.
When on the Peninsula all Kit Bags & Valises were returned to Base, as General Birdwood refused Officers the privileges of having extra comforts. This was done because we so often moved from different points suddenly, & the men of course had to carry not only their own, but the Officers as well.

Friday 7 January 1916
Wrote to Cook & Sons re Officers Kit lying there.
Major O'Brien came from Helonan to attend Board.
Raining all night.
It is suprising the Quantity of Articles brought over by the Officers that remain at the different Agents around Cairo, quite useless for active service. Cook & other Bulk Stores are reaping a Harvest these days owing to the unnecessary baggage that the Officers & Men accumulate.

Saturday 8 January 1916
Went into Cairo for Col. Fuller's Valise & Suit Case. Met Mr. Trapp who is connected with the remount Depot. He told me that his Wife has just died. Took him to Intermediate Base to send cable home.
During the year all Remount men have been collected and returned to Australia to be discharged. When we evacuated Gallipoli there was no further use for any old or defective person as we took charge of our own Horses & could readily absorb all reinforcements there would arrive. It meant the saving of a large sum of money in discharging these men who were of no value for active Service.
The Rations as supplyed by the Military for our Horses is of a first Class nature. The variety as well as Quantity shows that much thought & attention has been given to give the Animals the best food for Desert work. The Horses have acquired the taste, & relish the water that is drawn from the numerous well found on the desert & together with the rich food supplyed leave the Animals in first Class condition.

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