Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 111

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Thursday 11 May 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Foster rode over to Coast with A Squadron.
Major Bruxner went to Rail Head.
Orders out that from 14th to 21st of this month no leave is to be granted to Aus. or New Zealand Troops.
Air o plane brought in the usual report this morning.
T. Reed returned from Kantara with Groceries.
Brig. applied for 3 months absence to go to Eng. He looks like a man with Dropsy.
Col. Fuller went to Infantry Brigade at Rail Head this Evening.

Friday 12 May 1916
Brig. Ryrie & Major Foster to Beach inspecting Canal that is being dug by our men for the purpose of Flooding 2000 acres of Country. The work will only take 4 days to complete.
Orderley Room this morning for men absenting themselves from Salhia without leave.
A Bedawin was found hiding the wiring late near Outposts with a Helmet on.
The New Zealanders are on our Right Flank & connecting the 5th.

Saturday 13 May 1916
Cleaning up Camp. All 'Gunyahs' to be cleared away & tents erected 15 men each Tent. Squadron cooking to be carried out. Camels brought our Tents from R.H.
Brig. & Col. Fuller inspecting Lines.
A number of 'Details' arrived this Evening.
Bir el Abd is about 30 miles from Romani & was an advance post of a number of Turks who came from El-Arish 49 miles from Kantara.
Bir-ed-Ducidar is where the 5th A.L.H. is quartered, & they are connected with N. Zealanders & us. Daily a party of the 6th or 7th meets the 5th partrol & reports progress.
Mahamdiya or the Camp of Chabrias is on the coast in Tina Bay & is where we are at present – digging a Canal to flood the surrounding Country, about 4½ miles from Romani.
At Kalia or (Quilia) is to be found a stone well 15 ft. deep, also other large wells in vicinity, containing a plentiful supply of water a little Brakish.
At Pt. Said some Bombs fell from Enemy's Taube & wounded some Civilians.

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