Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 93

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Sunday 9 April 1916
Went to Church in Cairo this morning. Left for Salhia or Zazazar at 2-40 p.m. The Services in the morning are very poorly attended in Cairo, a few Civilians sprinkled among the mixed Soldiers principally Tommies. Rev. Stirling from England is by far the Best speaker here, & His addresses are excellent. The building used by the Methodists is opposite Davies Bryan the large English General Merchants. The place is very comfortably fitted up & would accomadate at least 250 people.

Monday 10 April 1916
Carting officers Mess Stuff from Station which arrived by 9-40 a.m. train.
Col. Fuller went early to Tel-el-Kebir to see about 'details'.
These 'Details' are men under Capt. Caine, who were recently at Maadi, but have now come nearer to the Regiments.
A large number have been drafted into newly formed Artillary Camps & will soon occupy our old Camp at Serapeum.

Tuesday 11 April 1916
Regiments on parade.
Div. H.Q. with Horses & Equipment arrived from Serapeum by train under General Chavel.
This lot came by a newly erected Line via Cantara. Only the military are allowed to use this line, & then only in exceptional cases.
There is plenty of scope about here for any number of Troops & Rumour says the Mounted Div. will mobilize here, & prepare for the Front.

Wednesday 12 April 1916
Very heavy wind Blowing, no parade. Sand Storms here are bad for both man & Beast. Sand Flies are also bad, & the Horses suffer much from bites. Rumours came that Sheds are to be erected for Horses & Mess Shed for but little notice is taken, as our previous Camp at Serapeum was to be made the most comfortable spot for both man & Beast. Needless to say it was not done.

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