Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 171

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Thursday 24 August 1916
Col. Fuller & Major Bollingbroke out with Motor Car this afternoon, afterward Dining with Gen. Ryrie &amp. Col. Car.
Pd. 625 Pt. for Major Bruxner's Suit & packed them away in His Suit Case leaving Key with Manager of Com. Hotel.
Went to Gardens tonight to see Skating.
Posted Letter Home. Saw Victor Convas.

Friday 25 August 1916
Col. Fuller & Col. Onslow out for Motor ride this afternoon.
I went to Skating rink in Gardens to-night.
Inoculated to-day against Cholera.
The Sister kindly inoculated me in the Officers' Ward to-day to save trouble. They are a good lot of Girls & the Officers play many a joke on them.

Saturday 26 August 1916
A number of L.H. men connected with Police in Cairo have been sent to Mouski this morning.
Saw Serg. Collins who is improving, also Perry.
Sent Cablegrams to Aus. for Col. Fuller & Major Windeyer.
Ordered Breeches from D.B. for Col.
Col. stayed in all Day.
Went to Anzac Hostel to-night – concert.
Collins is to be sent to Aus. & perhaps discharged. He is very unlucky as the wound was caused by one of our own men accidently letting a charge off which caught two men, one in the foot, & the other in the behind.

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