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ditches your eye being always bounded by the Sea before it can reach any hill    on all sides of you strong pastures & Land sowd with rape infinite mills to grind the seed & drain the Land.

Such a similitude of country inclines me suppose that that very district of Lincolnshire was calld from its neighbour Holland & not as Cambden supposes from its fertility in the article of Hay Horland.

The town of Utrecht itself stands upon what is calld an emminence in this country & the water of their Canals being lifted by two locks & notwithstanding that their Canals being so much lower than the street that rows of shops of one story are built along them under the feet as I may call it of the houses.

The people here are so proud of this Elevation of 12 or 14 feet that they declare & believe their atmosphere to be much cleaner than that of any other part of Holland & say

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