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to Helveotsluys [Helvoetsluys]

had for some time been on the Eastern bord coming to S.W. the Pacquet resolvd to sail  it [9?].  We went on board & got up our anchor the tide was so far gone that once at the mouth of the harbour she was in 9 feet water little enough as she drew 8-10, in the evening I became sick.

15. thick fog this morn so that the Captain of the Paquet was almost afraid to stand in the Land he ventured however & soon after day light saw the island of [indecipherable].  At 9 arrivd of [off] the Harbour of Helveotsluys [Helvoetsluys] the Coast was full of Ice for about a quarter of a mile out. The Captain after tacking two or three times to look at it at last pushd in with a stiff sail & got in we were soon landed at Quay & walked up to a publick house where a Soldier who followd us desird our names which was all the examination we passed on entering the country, our baggage was then brought ashore & carried to the house of the Commissary of Carriage from whence his people removd it to our Lodgings at our expense so that we had the pleasure of

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