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Feb, 1773 - Hague

the number of drawers it certainly was very numerous as was also the collection of Lamps Sacraficing [sacrificing] tools & Bronzes the Library also seemd well stockd & hansomely [handsomely] rangd but we had not time to examine it.

From hence we went to dinner at 6 to the french Comedy the house is small & long no seats in the Pit the scenes & dresses not at all fine the actors very midling [middling] from thence we went to the French ambassadors, Le Marquis Nouilles who gave a supper here were about 40 people of the best fashion who playd cards & suppd very hansomely & went away at 12 O'Clock.

21.After Breakfasting at Count Bentinks who was quite affronted if we attempted to go any where else his coach & six Carried me to Loo where the Princes menagerie is kept which is better contrivd than furnishd one side of it is a building of a great length where are kept the animals of warm climates in rooms heated by stoves in the front of this is a square surrounded by small  netted penns [pens]

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