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give in return.
Mr Cross shewd us a Collection of Netherland medals very extensive & curious containing the greatest quantity of Leather & paper money that I have seen in any collection & some few pretty well engraved ones particularly one of Mary a beautiful woman sitting on a rock legend [indecipherable] certe beautifuly designed.

28  This morn at 10 we set out in the admiralty Yatch accompanied by Mr Barcel  Admiral Reynot Mr Dents etc for Sandam [Zaandam] at 12 we arrived & changing our boat saild up a Canal many innumerable miles & houses which stood on each side as thick as in a street tho there was no road for foot passengers.
 The people who inhabit them are in a peculiar manner slaves to neatness their painted on the outside very prettyly their streets excellently pavd & washd as clean as the floor of a room their yards strewd with sand or cockle shells as smooth as hands can make them nothing in short can be more pleasing to the eye but to counterbalance this pleasure they are obligd to prevent horses from coming along their streets & even to lay boards along their yards that no one may disturb the sand

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