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March 1773                                         

From hence we went to Mr Boddaent a more liberal man than most I have found in this country who shewd us a small collection & then went with us to the garden which we found not very good nor very bad the plants tho not numerous were well taken care of & the stores upon a tolerably large establishment.

From the Garden we went upon the steeple which being pretty high afforded us an extensive view of the Country three sides of us were flat to a degree of admiration fencd only with ditches & ornamented with Engines to lift water on the fourth arose Gelderland at a distance rising from the flat in sand hills some testimony that the sea had originally flowd up to that place.

 I have never seen in my life Countries so totaly & exactly resembling each other as the part of Lincolnshire called Holland & this country between Cowbit & Petersborough [Peterborough] particularly where you sometimes travel upon a high bank at other times between rows of willow trees &

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