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under the Green house & coverd over with Plank the tradition of the Garden is that this identical tree was planted by the famous Carolus Clusius.  Sideroxylon mite in flower Gardenia Africana two plants of a foot & a half high in the hot house but looking miserably I proposed more heat for them but Mr. Van Royen told me that it had been tryd [tried] & had caused them to shed all their leaves.

From the Botanick Garden we went to a dutch Nursery garden where we saw realy [really] a tolerable collection of stove & Greenhouse plants I askd the prizes [prices] of a few & he told me for Gardenia flor, simp. 4 ducats flore dup. 6. ananas fol. varieg 6. ananas fol. late serr 4.

Having dind we set out at four o'clock in the track Schuit for Harlem 16 miles or 4 hours off at 8 we arrivd there & soon

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