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Feb. 1773 - Leyden

the Greenhouses are beyond all measure crowded & the hot houses which are very small & none of them raisd to a degree of heat equal to that in which ours are kept.  in the greenhouses the plants lookd tolerably healthy but the stoves much otherwise.  I saw Kiggelaria in fruit which was uniloc. 5 valv. sem. valv. affix.  Tarchonanthus Benzeri [?] which Linnous [Linnaeus] has now declard to be a Croton Guiana Cornutia Antholyza cepacea whose leaves exactly resemble those of an onion Gethyllis afra many plants Hyacynthus orchierdes in Blossom Baltimora Olea capensis in full Bloom Graphelium discolor Pharncrops in full fruitification two plants the one 18. the other 25 feet high the Tub in which it grows being sunk six feet deep in a kind of well made for that purpose

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