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fastned to the rim of a circle by long wyers here the circle going round in the direction of the arrows the ball a by its gravity at the end of its leaver turns it round till coming into the place of b it is shortned & so much more when it comes into the place of c the balls c & d at the same time becoming longer & in their turns forcing it round. 

[Transcribers note: there is a diagram of a circle with arrows, etc to illustrate the above description of the clock.]

whether however a common wheel made upon this construction would ever go once round I very much doubt,  if not there must either be fallacy or some method of applying the principle which I did not understand which is likely as the machine was rather complicated.
at 4 we went to see the Collection of a Mr Brant a druggist whose shells were the best chosen specimens I have ever seen but had among them few who were rare a bulla he had lying in its egg which seemd to be laid one only at a time & was larger than that of a thrush this he told us came from Surinam.

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