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Feb. 1773 - Amsterdam

his insects also as I am informed are good but having business to do at home I was obligd to take my leave before he began to shew them to us.

At 12 went to see the stadt house a most magnificent building contrivd built & furnishd I think with more propriety than any thing I have seen.

Here all business relative to the town of Amsterdam is done their Councils meet their Courts of Judicature are held & in the lower story prisoners both for debt & crimes are confind in separate apartments here also is the Bank of Amsterdam & in the Cellars is lodgd an immense quantity of Bullion.

Each room & apartment is ornamented with carving in statuary marble of excellent modern workmanship with figure emblematical of the purpose for which they are designd or victory of remarkable people &c by good masters the whole Building I may say is constructed of marble at least a very small proportion of any other material has a place among it the

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