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Feb. 1773 - Harlem

settled our selves to our satisfaction at the Golden fleece, as soon as we had orderd supper I set out for Mr. Enschede a bookseller in town with whom I had some business he after I had done shewd me some printing supposd to be the oldest in the world upon vellum & several other peices [pieces] of high antiquity among the rest a picture painted in the year 1437 by Van Eyk the inventor of Painting in oil.

24.  This morn Early I carried Mr Grevile to see Mr. Enskede's old picture who finding out that he was an amateur ask'd us up stairs where were several pictures of some merit particularly one of dirk Barendts [Dirck Barendsz] a dutch disciple of Titian a venus a good deal resembling the famous venus of that master it certainly was a little dutchified yet a beautifull picture.

Mr. Enskede's manner I cannot help describing as from it an Idea may be got of the Character of a rich dutch tradesman I came into his shop to buy a book & did not see in it 50 pounds worth of wares I

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