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askd for a quire of Paper he servd me with his own hands mounting upon a chair to reach it from a high awkward shelf from this I fixd my Idea of him scarcely equal to that of a common stationer in England for few have shops so ill furnishd.  I askd to go to his house & found him immediately put of the tradesman & offer with the utmost politeness any service in his power I was in a moment in a well furnishd room gilt & carpeted elegantly here I saw his Printing &c & a Cabinet of Tortoiseshell inlaid with silver which must have been of great value.  I then took my leave & the next morn came again I was then shewd up into his own room where were pictures and Books to the value of several thousand pounds but no one article of expensive furniture besides the shelves were deal unpainted & the wall old wainscot besides these in his  little garden of 20 yards square were two well wrought statues of marble these said

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