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23.  This morn Mr. Allemand carried us to see his Collection of Natural history which we found by no means so compleat as that of the prince of Orange yet good & set off to more advantage than any we have in England the most remarkable things we saw were,

Camelopardalis - a stuffed skin of a small animal which when taken was sucking its dam the Colour was a very light fawn or cream colour divided by white lines into angular figures much resembling the tessera of Ludus Helmontii it had a mane from the top of its head to its shoulders of stiffish hairs a little darker than the rest of the animal his ears were a little rounded eyelashes very thickset his horns which were about 4 inches long were coverd with hair & had at their tips little pencils of brownish colour one had been cut through & plainly shewd that they were solid like those of the deer kind it had no dentes incisores in the upper jaw in the under one seven.  I suppose one might have been lost or not yet grown out its tail was small & round

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