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Feb. 1773 - Leyden

longer in proportion than that of a stag & had at the end a large tuft of strong brown hairs there was also a horn shewn which we were told was that of a grown animal about 7 inches long & seemd to have been coverd with skin
Le Tarsier of de Buffon - a specimen in spirit of wine, Bengal
Grison - a viverra I believe said to come from America much the size of an Ermine but a head larger in proportion the front of which is black & the back of the head & ears whitish with a defind line between the two colours
Merops - larger than a King fisher all over changeable of red copper colour gold & green the Jacamari of Marey [?].  Brasil
Hirundo - the swallow which makes the eatable nest smaller than our martin of a sooty colour above & dark ash colour underneath
Ardea - the little broad billd Bittern of [indecipherable] & de Buffon. Planck, which seem to


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