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for the Common ingress & Egress of the family the other is never opend but upon marriages births & burials  the Houses in general are not many inches above the edge of the water yet I cannot hear that they are subject to agues whether their cleanlyness operates much in their favour deserves to be enquired into

 in our passage to & From Sandam we passed a point of Land where those criminals who suffer death are exposed to publick view  those who had suffered by the wheel were setting upright upon their wheels others hung & those who had killd themselves before their trials of which there were two hung by the heels  upon the whole the quantity seemd very small for the offenders in so large a society

 at 6 we arrived at amsterdam again & waited by appointment upon Mr Gol to see some of his much famd collection of Drawings about 20 people above half Ladies were at his house some playd cards while others who sat at a                                     

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