Page 27                                                                                                                          Remarkable occurrences on board His Maj.y. Bark Endeavour Plym.o  Sound

Firstpart moderate and Hazey. Middle hard Squally with rain. The latter modte. fair. Received on board a supply of Bread, Beer, and Water. A Serjeant.Corpl. [corporal].Drummer & 9 Private Marines as part of the Complem.t. [complement]

Little wind & Hazey sent some Cordage to the Yard in order to be Exchanged for Smaller Severall Shipwrights & Joiners from the Yard Employ'd onboard refitting the Gentlemens' Cabins & making a Platform over the Tiller & etc.

Little wind & Cloudy struck down 4 Guns into the Hold received onboard 4 More with 12 Barrels of Powder, & several other Stores, Shipwrights & Joiners Employ'd onboard.

Formerpart little wind with rain remainder fair Read to the Ships Company the Articles of War & the Act of Parliamt. [parliament] they likewise were paid two Months Wages in advance I also told them that they were to Expect no additional pay for the performance of our intended Voyage, they were well satisfied & Expressed great Cheerfulness and readyness to prosecute the Voyage. received onboard another Supply of Provisions.Rum & etc

First part little wind with rain remainder fresh Gales & thick rainy Employ'd making ready for Sea

Fresh Gales & D.o. the Shipwrights having finished their Work intended to have sail'd instead of which was obliged to let go another Anchor

Fresh Gales with heavy squalls of Wind & Rain all this 24 Hours.    
    Do. [ditto]weather struck Yards & Topmasts, Anchor'd Between the Island & the Main His Maj.y. Ship Gibraltar.                                                         Fresh Gales & Hazey AM have up the Small Bower Anchor & got Topmasts & Yards                      

Modte. [moderate]& Cloudy AM received onboard a Supply of Beer & Water. & return'd all our Empty Casks. Loosed the Topsails as a Signal for Sailing-

First part fresh Breezes & Cloudy remainder little wind & Clear at 2 PM got under Sail & put to Sea having on board 94 Persons including Officers. Seamen. Gentlemen & their Servants, near 18 Months Provisions 10 Carriage Guns 12 Swivels with good Store of Ammunition & Stores of all kinds at 8 the Dodman Point WNW distant 4 or 5 Lg's. at 6 AM the Lizard bore WNW½Wd. 5 or 6 Lg's distant. At Noon Sounded & had 50 fath.m. Grey sand with small Stones & broken Shells.

Firstpart Light Airs & Clear remainder fresh breezes & Cloudy Bathed the Ships Comp.y. Muster'd the Chests & Stove all that were unnecessary-

  Former part fresh Gales & Hazey with rain. remainder a Moderate breeze & Cloudy-                                                                                        Light Airs & Hazey the Most part of these 24 Hours with some Rain     
Fresh Gales all these 24 Hours at ½ Past 1 PM Spoke with His Maj.y.Ship Guardaloupe at 6 AM Close Reeft the Topsails & got down TopGallant Yards         

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