From New Guinea to Batavia
1770 the live stock, Sheep & Goats &t. they pay for in goods the small Islands which lie about a League to the Westw'd. of this pays annually a certain quantity of Areca Nutts, which is almost the only produce of that island. The island of Rothe is upon the same footing as this of Savu both these Islands & the 3 Solers belong to the Governm.t of Concordia, from what we could  learn of the Island of Timor it seems to be much upon the same footing as it was in Dampiers time which is that the Dutch possess little more of that isl. than what lies under the Command of the Fort Concordia. the rest is in the possession either of the Native Indians or the Portugese we were likewise told that the Island of Ende belongs to the Portugese. that the principal settlement is at Larentucha where there is a Fort & a good Harbour. We were told that Concordia on the Island Timor is a free port for ships of any nation to touch at where they would not only be supplied with refreshment but Naval flour also: Trading ships might probably meet with a good reception but Kings ships I am persuaded would be looked upon as Spy's, for my own part was I only in want of refreshment & obliged to touch at any of their islands I should prefer going to a Portugeses settlement before any of the Dutch & when I was so [invited?] by the Officers to call at Timor I proposed going to one of the Portugese settlements but this Mr Hicks made some objections to which was sufficient for me to lay it aside as I had not the least inclination to touch any where till we arrived at Batavia. for any falling in with Savu was mere chance & not design, but to return to this island the natives of which are of a dark brown colour with long
[margin][?rons] & habits of the Natives & their customs[/margin]
lank hair. their cloathing is a piece of calico or other cotton cloath wrapped ab.t their middle. the better sort have another piece which they wore over their shoulders & most of them wear turbans or handkerchiefs tyed round their heads. They eat of all the tame animals they have got viz/ Hogs Horses, Buffaloes, Cocks & Hens, Dogs, Catts, Sheep & Goats, & are esteem'd much in the same order as I have mentioned. that is there Hogs flesh, which is certainly as good as any in the world. they prefer before anything also, next to Hogs Horses & so on Fish is not esteem'd by them & is only eat by the common or poor people who are allowed little else of meat kind. They have a Custom among them that when ever a King dies all the Cattle &tc, that are upon his Estate are kill'd with which the Successor makes a feast to which is invited all the principal people of the island who stay until all is consumed. after this they every one according to his abilities make the young King a present by means he gets a fresh stock which he is obliged to husband for sometime. The other principal men make also feasts which are as extraordinary as there for they seldom end so long as the giver has got anything left alive upon

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