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Remarkable Occurrances & I.[Incidents] in the South Seas.
Firstpart moderate breezes & thick Hazey the Middle fair & Cloudy, & the Latter fresh Gales with some rain at 8 AM took two Setts of Observations of the sun & moon the first gave 68º.15 the 2.d 68º.9 the Mean of the 2 is 68.12 Wt. the Longitude of the Ship at Noon by these Observations is 68º.42-14 the  made from Cape Horn is 68º.28'. The Longde. of Cape Horn according to the Observations-A Great many large Albetrosses about the Ship.
[Margin] The of Cape Horn Settled[/margin]
Fresh Gales the most part of this day. first & Middle parts cloudy. latter clear with a Sharp cold Air, at 2PM Saw the land bearing North dist.ce  about 8 Leagues it made in 2 Hummocks & appeared to be an Island, which I take to be the Isle of Diego Ramirez it lays in the of 56º.38'Sº. & Longde. 68º.47'Wt. from Greenwich found the Variation this Evening to be 22ºEt. AM-
-/ left side note The Longde. of Cape Horn Settled /- end left side note  -  had 3 Sets of Observns. of the sun 7 moon which gave the Longde. 69º.7'.15"W. the Longde. of the Ship at Noon by this Observ.on. is 69º.24'-1º.48' the of the Cape which is 52º. less than the result of Yesterdays Observ.ns this differance may arise partly from the Observ.n  & part from the Ships run, the mean of the 2 gives 68º.2' x 68º.24' the Longde. of the Cape from the Observation taken at Strait Le  Maire 136.26. 2 68º.13' Wt. from Greenwich the of Cape Horn being deduced from no less than 2 24 Observ.on  taken at no very great distance fro the Cape & on both sides of it, & when the Sun was both to the Et. & West of the Moon for in this case the Errors arising from the Observ.on  are most likely to Correct one another-
First & Latter parts fresh Gales & Squally with flying Showers of rain & Hail. the Middle strong Gales with heavy squalls & Showers of rain at 8 PM hoist'd   2 Reef Tops,ls  at 6AM Close reefd the Foretops.l & took in the Misen Tops.l at 10 Set it again & let the reef out of the Foretopsl. 
Forepart fresh Gales & Squally with Hail & rain, remainder mod.te & Cloudy at 6AM Loosed the 2d Reef out of the Topsails & set Topgallt Sails, at 11 in Pa 3 Sets of Observ.ns of the sun & moon ..1 Set 73º.38'.15". Second 73º.19'.30". the mean of the whole is 73.27.50Wt & 35' less than the Longitude by Dead reckoning which is only 6 this & therefore not worth taking notice of of Observation 60:4 Sº- 
Firstpt. mod.te & Cloudy with some rain in the night little wind & Calm towards Noon fresh Gales & Cloudy between 7 & 8 PM being then in the of 60º.10' which was the Farther'st Sº. we were in The of 74º.30' found the  Variaton of the Compass by the mean of 13  Azmth[Azimuth] to be 27º.9' Et. at 3 AM Wind at ESE a Mod.te breeze Set the Steerings & soon after 2 Birds like Penguins were seen by the Mate of the Watch-
Firstp.t  fresh G.s latter light Airs & Cloudy PM found the Var.on by sevl. Azmth.[Azimuth] to be 24.53Et. at Noon sounded but had no ground with 240 faom of time hoisted a Boat out to try if there was any Currt. but found some The wear. such as to admit  Mr Banks to row round The Ship in a Lighter man... off Shore ....birds-

Firstp.t light breezes & Cloudy remainer sometimes a fresh breeze & at other times little wind & hazey rainy Cold weather. PM took in the Steerings. l & a reef in each Topsail-
Calm & Light Airs & for the most part Cloudy & sometimes drisling rain Variation

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