Oct 1770 Friday 19th. In the pm petty Officer to Mr Hicks who lodges ashore at Batavia for the recovery of his health with orders to desire him to wait upon the Shipbander in order to get the necessary orders respecting us, dispatched to this place as soon as possible
Saturday 20th. Employ'd unrigging the ships &tc
Sunday 21st. In the pm orders came down to the Officers of the yard to comply with every thing I wanted but we could not yet get a Wharfe to land our Stores they being all taken up by shipping.
Monday 22. In the am two ships went from the Wharfe at Coopers Island when we prepared to go along side ofse of them.
Tuesday 23. In the pm hauled alongside one of the Wharfes in orders to take out our stores etc. after which the ship  is to be delivered into the charge of the proper Officers at Onrush who will /as I am inform'd heave her down & repair her with their own people while ours must stand & look on who if we were permitted could do everything wanting to the ship ourselves
James Cook

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