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but not above a twentieth part are Whites the rest are blacks & many of whom are free and seem to live in tolerable Circumstances -
The City of Rio de Janeiro is supplied with Water from  2 Different parts of the
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Adjacent Mountains, that which comes from the Southward is Convey'd aCross a Deep Valey by an Acquiduct which Consists of a great Number of Arches placed in 2 Rows one upon the other from thence in Pipes to a fountain which stands in the Middle of the Square, before the Vice Roys Palace, at another part of the City is a Reservoir to which the Water is convey'd much in the same manner, from these 2 Places. but mostly from the former the inhabitants fetch all they want where there is always a Centinel to keep order & it is likewise here that the Ship Waters, they land their Casks upon a Smooth sandy beach about 100 yards from the fountain, & upon application to the Vice Roy you have a Centinel to look after them & to clear the way for to come to the fountain to fill water. Upon the whole Rio de Janeiro is not a bad place for Ships to put in at that wants refreshments, not only because the Harbour is safe & Commodious,but that Provisions & all manner of Refreshments may be had in tolerable plenty. Bread & Flower are however scarce & Dear being brought hither from Europe & are never the better for that Passage, in lieu of these are to be had yams & Casava-all sorts of Grain tho' it may be the Produce of this Country is Dear. Fresh Beef /tho bad / is to be had in Plenty, at about 2¼ per pound. & Jusked Beef about the same Price, this is cured with Salt & dry'd in the shade. the bones being first taken out. & the Meat cut into large but very thin Slices, it eats very well & if kept in a dry Place will remain good a long time at Sea,Rum.Sugar.& Molasses are all good & Cheap. Tobacco is Cheap, but not good. Mutton they have very little, Hogs & all sorts of Poultry are to be got tho' in no great Plenty. & of Course rather dear. Garden Stuff & Fruit in Plenty, but none that will keep long at Sea Except Pumpkins- They have a Yard for building Shipping. & a small Hulk for heaving down by. there being no other method to come at a Ships bottom. as the Tides doth rise above 6 or 7 feet. At the New & Full Moon it is high Water at that time about  o'Clock when the Land & Sea breezes are regular, but when they are not the Course of Tides are alter'd. the Sea breeze begins to blow about 10 or 12 o'Clock. & continues until sun set when it dies away & is succeeded by the Land breeze which continues most part of the night from a little after sunrise, until the Sea breeze sets in it is generally Calm & is then the Hotest & most Disagreeable part of the whole day-

Remarkable Occurrences & I.[Incidents] from Rio de Janeiro, Towards.Terra Del Fuego

Fore & Middleparts Moderate breezes & Cloudy, remainder little wind & Clear wea.r. at 3 PM the boat return'd from the Island hoisted her in & made Sail at 6 the Sugar Loaf at the West Entrance of Rio de Janeiro bore N½E.t distance 7 Leag.ue. it lies from the City of Rio de Janeiro, from  which I take my Departure SºW 4½ Miles

Genteel light breeze & Clear wea.r. at 3 AM the First top gall.t. Mast broke short by the cap the Employ'd making another

Mod.te. breezes with some Flying showers of Rain the First part

Little wind & Clear wea.r. the Most part of this day. serv'd Slops to the People

Firstp.t. light Airs, remainder Genteel breezes & Clear wea.r found the Variat.on. of the Compass

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