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Remarkable Occurrances & I.[Incidents] in the South Sea's-
Modte. breezes & Tolderable clear weaer. all this day the wind a little Variable which caused us to Tack several Times-
A Moderate steady breeze & clear 

The first & Middlept. mod.te breezes & Cloudy, the Latterp.t Variable winds & much Rain

Firstp.t  mod.te & Hazey with Drisling rain the the remainder fresh breezes & clear Var.on 4º.41' East-
Mod.te breezes & fine Pleasant
A Steady gale & fine Variation 4º.12' East-
Ditto Variation 4º.12' East put the Ships Company to three Watches they ...... been a Wash & Watch since our first Arrival upon the Coast of Terra del Fuago-

Firstp.t a Steady fresh Gale, the remainder little wind & fine Clear
Little wind & fine Pleasant pt 3 PM took several Observ.ns of the sun & moon. the mean result of which gave 126º.20'.45" the of the Ship W.t of Greenwich & 4'7 of Long/de west of acount  carried on from Cape Horn-
Light Airs next to a calm & clear Variation by the mean result of 24 1º.30' Et. this evening observed an Occultation of [...] by the moon Immersion at.h & Emersion at h  '   " AM variation of Several 2º.0' East-

Little wind & fine Pleasant Variation PM 3.27 East
Firstp.t little wind & Cloudy latter fresh Gales & hard Squalls with much rain took 2 Reefs in the Top.l

Firstp.t fresh Gales & Squally with rain remainder more moderate & cloudy. Var.on AM of Mean of several Azmth 3º.14' East Loosed the 2d reefs out of the Topsails-
A Fine breeze & pleasant - Saw several Tropic Birds-
Firstp.t little wind the remainder Calm. Variat.on 3º.43'Et. saw some rock weed & a great many Tropic Birds-

Firstp.t Calm in the Night squally with rain AM. a fresh breeze & Cloudy. variat.on of 3º.10 Et. saw some Egg Birds-
Fresh gales & Squally with rain the firstpt. remainder fresh Gales & Cloudy. PM saw some Men of War Bird & Egg Birds. & in the Morning saw more Egg. Birds & Tropic Birds. The Man of War & Tropic

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