From New Guinea to Batavia
1770 =ally here, they are likewise emply'd in carrying cattle grain etc. to Timor & when not wanted they are hauld ashore into houses or shacks built on purpose, As I have mentioned slaves, it is necessary to observe that all the great men have slaves which are the native of the islands they can dispose of them one to another but cannot sell them to go out of the island. the price of a slave is a goof large fatt hog , horse etc. I have before mentioned that many of the people can speak Portuguese but hardly anyone Dutch from this it is probable that this island was formally under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese. tho' the Dutch Govern.r never own'd as much but said that the Dutch had traded here these hundred years past.
Saturday 22d. Winds at SSE. SE.'& E a gentle breeze which we steer'd WSW by compass. at 4 oCLock we discovered a small low island bearing SSW. dist.e.3 Leag.s . this isl.d hath no place in any of our charts Lat.d 10°47'S.o. Longde.238:28 W. at Noon we were in the Latitude of 11.9'So. 239°.26W. Course & dist.ce saild since yesterday noon. So.63°W. 67 miles.
Sunday 23d. Winds Easterly a mod.te breeze which by noon nro.t us into the of 11:10So. 240:48W. Course & dist.e saild since yesterday at noon is W 8 mls.
Monday 24th WInds at E & SE a mod.te breeze & fine pleasant wea.r. In the evening found the variat.n to be 2.'44W. at noon our was 11.'8Sq. 242:13 W. since we have been clear of the islands we have had constantly a swell from the Southw.d which I do not suppose is owing to the winds blowing anywhere from thence but to the sea being so determined by the position of the coast of New Holland.
Tuesday 25th Mod.te breezes at SE & clear pleasant wea.r at noon out was 11°23'So. & Longitude 244°:99W.
Wednesday 26th. Winds & wea.r as yesterday at Noon in 11°10' 245°41'W
Thursday 27th Winds at SSE. a fresh breeze In the evening found the Var.n to be 3:10W at noon we were in of 247°:42' W 10°:47' which is 25 miles to the northward of the Log, which I know not how to account for.
Friday 28th. Winds at SSE & SE. & fresh breeze & cloudy with some showers of rain at noon Lat.d observ'd 10°:51'So. which is agreeable to the Logg, in 250°:9'W
Saturday 29th Mod.te breeze at SE & clear pleasant wea.r. Steer'd NW all this day in order to make the land of Java. at noon were were by observ.n in the of 9°:31'So. & 251.40W.
Sunday 30th, Fresh gales & fair wea.r In the am I took into my possession the Officers, Petty Officers & Seamens Log Books & Journals at least all that I could find & enjoin'd every one not to divulge where they had been at noon our course & distance sail'd yesterday at noon as No.20°W.126 miles which bro.t us inot the of 7°:34'So & 252°23'W.

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