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Passage we should not have been in those Seas, besides the fatiquing of our People the damage we must have done to our Anchors Cables. Sails & Rigging some of which have suffer'd in our Passage round Cape Horn-
From what I have said it will appear that I am no advocate for the Straits of Magellan. but it should be expected that I should say something of Strait Le Mair through which we passed & this is the more incumbant on one as it was by choice & contrary to the Advice given by Mr Walter the ingenious Author of Lord Ansons Voyage who adviseth all Ships not to go through their Strait but to go to the Eastwd. of Staten Land & likewise to stand to the Southward as far as 61 or 62º South before any Endeavour is made to get to the Westward, with respect to the Passing of Strait Le Maire or going round Staten
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Land I look upon of little Consequence & Either one or the other to be pursued according to Circumstances for if you happen to fall in with the land to the Westward of the Strait & the Winds favourable for going through. it certainly must be a Piece of folly to loose time in going round Staten Land for by paying a little Attention to the Directions I have already given no ill Consequences can attend.but on the Contrary if you should fall in with the land to the Eastward of the Strait or the wind should prove Boisterous. or unfavourable in any of these Cases the going to the Eastward of Staten Land is the most Adviseable, & next as to the running into the Latitude of 61 or 62º South before any 

Week Days
Winds Courses Distance
Saild in
Latde in
Longde in W
Bearings & T at Noon
February 1769
14th Westerly
SW 32 49.6 91.12  
Wednesday 15 SSW
N46W 56 48.27 92.5  
Thursday 16 NW
N74W 97 48.0 94.25  
Friday 17 SSW NWbW1/2W 132 46.48 97.17  
Saturday 18 SWbW N32.30W 140 44.50 99.7  
Sunday 19 SWbW
NNW 2/4W 103 43.21 100.21  
Monday 20 Westerly So65oW 58 43.46 101.34  
Tuesday 21 NW So62W 115 44.39 103.54  
Wednesday 22 N W:erly So86oW 91 44.46 106.1  
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