New Zealand
March 1770 Monday 12th Fresh g.s between the W & NW latter part squally with rain, sail'd to the SWbS until 11am at which time the wind shifted to the SWbW. we wore & stood to the NNW. being then in the of 49°40'S° & 193°:50' W having a hollow sea from the SW
Tuesday 13th Strong G.s between the SwbW &SSW with a large hollow sea from the same quarter in the pm had freq.t squalls with showers of rain, in the night had several very heavy squalls attended with showers of hail which obliged us to take in our Tops.l during the night. Steered NNW until 6am when seeing no land we steer'd NbE & set the Main Tops.l single reef at 8 set the Foretops.l single reef & loosed all the reefs out of the main topsail & steer'd NEbE1/2E in order to make the land at 10 saw it bearing ENE & appeared to be very high but being hazey over it we could see nothing distinct neither now nor at Noon when by Observ.n we were in the of 46°:0S°. Course & Dist.ce sail'd since yesterday N.5°W. 96 miles made from the S°Cape 1:40W
Wednesday 14th In the pm had a fresh gale from the S°.ward attended with squalls at 2 it clear'd up over the land which appeared high & mountainous, at 1/2 past 3 double reef the Tops.l & haul'd in for a Bay wherein their appear'd to be good anchorage into which I had thought of going with the ship but after standing in an hour we found the distance to great to run before dark & it blow'd too hard to attempt it in the night or even to keep to windward for these reasons we gave it up & bore away along shore. this bay I have named Ducky bay it lies in the of 45°:47'S°. it is about 3 or 4 miles broad at the entrance & seems to be full as deep in it are sev.l islands behind which there must be shelter from all winds provided there is sufficient depth of water, the N° point of this bay where  it bears SEbS is very remarkable there being off it 5 high peaked rocks standing up like the 4 fingers & thumb of a mans hand on which ano.r I have named it Point Five Fingers, the land of this point is farther remarkable by being the only level land near it & extends near 3 Leag.s to the Northwa'd, it is pretty high wholy covere'd with wood & hath very much the appearance of an island but its aspect being so very diff.t, from the land behind it which is nothing but barren rocky mountains, at sunset the southern part land in sight bore due S° dist.ce 5 or Long.r & as this is the point of land upon the whole coast I have called it West Cape it lies about 3 leagues to the southward of the bay above mentioned in the of 45°:54' & 193°:17W. the land of this cape seems to be a mod.te height next the sea & hath nothing remarkable about it that we could see except a very white cliff 2 or 3 Leag.s to the Southw.d of it. the land to the Southw.d of Cape

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