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Remarkable Occurrences & I.[incidents] at Terra Del Fuego
January 1769

fathom but in standing in with the Ship the first we came upon had only 4 faom.[fathom] upon it. I therefore thought that Anchoring here would be attended with some Risk & that it would be better to Endeavour to find some Port in the Strait & there Compleat our Wood & Water, however I sent an Officer with a Boat on shore to attend on Mr Banks & People who was very desirous of being onshore at any rate, while I kept Plying as near the shore as Possible with the Ship at 9 they return'd onboard bringing with them several Plants,Flowers etc. most of them unknown in Europe, & in that Alone consisted their whole   
[margin] Port Maurice[/margin]
Value, they saw none of the Natives, but met with several of their old Hutts, hoisted the Boat in & made Sail into the Straits & at 3 AM Anchord in 12½[fathom] Water/the bottom Coral rocks/before a small Cove which we took for Port Maurice X near ½ a Mile from the shores Cape Sn Diego SSW & Cape St Bartholomew /which is the Sº. point of State onland ESEt. [East] Port Maurice appeared to afford so little Shelter for Shipping that I did not think it worth while to hoist a Boat out to Examine it, we saw here 2 of the Natives come down to the Shore who stay'd some time then retur'd into the Woods againe at 10 o'Clock got under Sail Wind at SE.t   & Plyed to Windward-
Monday 16th  A Fresh breeze of Wind at Sº & SWt, with Frequent showers of Rain & Snow at 2 PM Anchord in the Bay of Success in 9 faom the bottom Oarse & sand the Sº Point of the Bay bore SEt.  & the Nº point ENEt This Bay I shall  describe when I come to speake of the rest of the Coast, hoisted out the Boats & moor'd with the Stream Anchor while this was doing I went onshore accompanyed with by Mr Banks & Dr Solander to look for a Watering place, & to speak with the Natives who were assembled on the Beach at the Head of the Bay to the Number of 30 or 40. they were so far from being afraid  or surprised at our coming amongst them that 3 of them came onboard without the least hesitation. They are something above the Middle size, of a Dark Copper Colour with long black hair. they Paint their Bodies in Streakes [mottled?] & Black. their Clothing consists wholy in a Guanaroe Skin or that of a Seal, in the same form as it came from the Animals back, the Women Wear a Peice of Skin over their Privy Parts, but the Men observe no such decency, their Hutts are made like a behive & open on one side where they have their fires, they are made of small small Sticks & covered with branches of trees. long Grass etc in such a manner that they are neither Proof against Wind,Hail,rain, or Snow. a Sufficient Proof  that these People must be a very hardy race, They live chiefly on shell fish such as Musels which they gather from off the Rocks, along the SeaShore & this seems to be the Work of the Women, their Arms are Bows & Arrows neatly made, their Arrows are bearded some with glass & others with fine flint. several Pieces of the former we saw amongst them with other European things, such as Rings Buttons Cloth Canvas etc which I think proves that they must sometimes travel to the Northwd, as we know of knoe ship  that hath been in these parts for many Years, besides they were not at all surprised at our Fire Arms on the Contrary seem'd to know the care of them, by making signs
 [margin]The Native described[/margin]
 to us to fire at Seals or Birds that might come in the way, They have no Boats that we saw or any thing to go upon the Water with, their number doth not Exceed 50 or 60 Young & old & there are fewer Women then Men they are Extreamly fond of any Red thing, & seem'd to set more Value on Beads than any thing we cold


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